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"My wife and I were first-time home-buyers and Lion was tremendous at walking us through the process.

His communication and attention to detail were spectacular as he would explain all the details in the process from house-hunting to closing. His demeanor was what impressed us most. We never felt like we were being "sold" or taken advantage of. Lion always had our best interests on his mind and never tried to push us in a direction that we weren't willing to go. I would absolutely recommend Lion as an agent."

David Arvesen

I am a Weichert Agent licensed in MD, but wanted to purchase a home in Georgia.

Of course I reached out to a local Weichert Office Broker and was assigned to Lion Shaw to help me find the home I wanted. Lion was very professional, very responsive and offered suggestions and advice as needed. Lion was a joy to work with and yes, I would recommend Lion and use him myself for future real estate needs in the GA area.

Pamela D Jenkins

Lion was patient throughout our entire search - he used all the correct protocols for Covid and we always felt safe with him.

It couldn’t have been easy to help with an interstate move and purchase but he never broke a sweat. He was a great guide throughout our experience right down to a seamless closing!


Have you ever wondered if super heroes walk amongst us?

Let me tell you a little story and by the end you will believe they do, just like me. My father passed away last July, which was devastating to me and my brother. You see, I live in Arizona, which is quite a distance from Georgia. Given it was 2020 and a pandemic year, everything seemed extremely daunting. I was named the Personal Representative for my dad’s estate; which meant it was up to me to empty out the house and get it ready to sell. The home was in no condition to be put on the market. The home had a plumbing leak in the past and there were big holes on the inside walls wherever there were pipes. I was worried, how am I going to get these holes fixed from Arizona? After consulting with Lion, he reassured me that it was not a problem. After the home was emptied, we were notified that there was another plumbing problem coming from the main source. Lion, found me a reputable plumber that beat the previous plumber’s quote. In addition, Lion did some research and found out that there had been a few plumbing issues in the area and the builder was aware. Lion contacted the builder on my behalf and soon a check showed up from the builder to help me with the plumbing costs. Lion found an amazing drywaller to fix the holes in the walls and paint. Viola! Whew, I thought, now it is time to get the home on the market! Wait! Another hiccup? The recent plumbing issue caused water damage to the floor in the spare room. Jumping into action once again, Lion contacted a flooring guru and he was able to pull up the wood floor and we put down beautiful new carpet. This man, Lion, then had the house professionally cleaned and photographed. The home looked amazing! Lion spoke with neighbors and fielded all their questions, researched the area and any other homes that sold recently. He knew exactly what to list the home for in order to get the most action and a quick closing. The home was placed on the market and within a short time, we had an offer. Lion was brilliant in his negotiation skills and recommendations; I couldn’t imagine having anyone else represent me. Lion virtually held my hand all the way to the finish line. His communication and follow up is nothing short of outstanding! Lion also, personally put up new smoke detectors and I forgot that he also helped with a heating repair item too! Oh, and assisting with getting a small broken window fixed. Can you believe Lion helped me with all these tasks? I didn’t have to go back to Georgia after my dad’s services. Lion helped me with everything. In closing, yes, super heroes do walk amongst us and his name is LION SHAW! If you ever find yourself in need of a realtor, stop whatever you are doing and hire this man immediately!

Becky Baker

My experience with Lion was enjoyable.

I can not stand shopping in general, let alone searching for a house. He was always on time, available, and was very attentive to focusing on my needs/wants in a home. He gave solid advice, and when one seller did not want to compromise on various maintenance issues that I wanted addressed. Even though I was still leaning towards purchasing that particular house because I could have made the repairs myself. He encouraged me to stand pat, walk away, and we would find what I was looking for. We ended up finding a house a little less than double the size, an extra bedroom, for not much more than the previous house we terminated the contract on (also in better condition). My interaction with Lion felt like I was making a new friend, rather than engaging in a business transaction...

Casey Tarpley

I can make very positive comments about the professionalism of Lion Shaw.

From the first introduction he made to me through the entire listing, selling and closing of our property we were well informed of what he was doing to enhance the selling process.

Junette W Johnson

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